There is an entrance fee of $1.00 per person for all customers over the age of two years.

Check-in is required before you begin fishing.  If you have a Fishing Club Card for 2017, or you are using a Gift Certificate, please present them to us at check in.

You can bring your own equipment and bait.  All bait is acceptable, except corn kernels.

Fishing rods are available to rent for $1.50.  Worms are available for $3.00 a dozen.  We provide buckets and landing nets for you to use.

Extra services for tips: We will clean and pack your catch in ice for your trip home.  When time allows, we will bone and fillet your fish.

Main Pond

Fish are stocked between 11 and 14 inches.  This size gives your young angler a real fishing experience.  The fish that are less than 12 inches are priced at $0.85 per inch.  Fish 12 inches and above are priced at $1.05 per inch.  All fish must be kept.  There is a $30 charge for any fish thrown back into the pond.

Trophy Pond – Currently closed.

Catch & Release

Because of your many requests, we now allow catch and release fishing in the Main Pond, for fly fishing only, at pre-arranged times.  The cost is $35.00 per hour, per rod.  To schedule a fishing time, call the office at 303-838-5025.  Check in is required before you begin fishing.


The rate for tent sites is $25 per day.  RV sites are $37  to $47 per day.